Monday, July 30, 2012

retail therapy

On Saturday, my friend Anna and I went shopping~ It had been a while since we went to the mall together, so it was a really fun trip with all the shopping and catching up. ^__^ These are the few things I picked up on our trip to the mall! I actually got another top, but I accidentally left it in her car.. so I'll include the top in a different post once she has a chance to return it to me! (:

1. All the items I got. (minus a top)
2. Acid-washed denim jacket: I have an obsession for anything denim; denim is just a safe fabric for me, and I love how versatile it is. This is definitely going to be a staple jacket in my wardrobe. I was actually hesitant to get this because I was planning to find one when I go thrifting, but I figured I could DIY the ones I thrift and keep this one as a plain acid-washed jacket. (:
3. Black 'jeggings' and black, acid-washed pencil/bandage skirt: These pants are the most comfortable things ever!!!! They're a thicker material type of legging and mock the look of jeans, so I can wear these like regular pants (I'm not a fan of the 'leggings as pants' look). For the acid-washed skirt, I'm just obsessed with acid-washed and denim right now. (Plus, these were on sale for 5 bucks....) Kinda on a grunge high right now. in love with the whole 90's grunge look~
4. floral bow chunky heel: this pair of shoes was the first thing I got within 10 minutes of stepping into the mall. They were on sale for $16 and I had a $10 gift card~~ I love these so much; they are the most comfortable heels I've ever stepped foot in. *O* LOVE.

I hope you all are having a great summer so far! (:

Take care!

P.S. Mont Affair is having a sale!!! Up to 30% off stuff~ They also have a play to win promotion where you can win vouchers up to $50 to spend on the store or discount codes! (:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1. Getting Sanrio themed yogurt with my friends~ 
2. One of the necklaces I ordered from ebay 
3. Buffalo Wild Wings
4. More packages!! 
5. Another necklace from ebay
6. A surprise gift my mom got me -- Michael Kors watch 
7. In-N-Out cheeseburger~ 
8. camera whoring while walking to my school's summer carnival 
9. more camera whoring while volunteering at the carnival haha

Just a few instagram photos to update you all with! So far my summer has been consisted of quick food runs, waiting for packages to come home, and volunteer work. I know I haven't been updating, and I apologize... and yes, this instagram photo post is a poor attempt to make up for the lack of posting. haha. I'm not really doing much besides procrastinating on completing my AP summer assignments..(blehhh...summer work..  x___x) Well, I hope you all are having a more eventful summer than I am! (: Hope you're doing well, also!

Take care!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

inspiration: Jenn Im

Jenn Im, also known as 'clothesencounters' on youtube, is a definite fashion inspiration for me. My friend showed me her 'everyday makeup tutorial' video, and I thought she was another beauty guru on youtube; however, upon browsing through her channel, I discovered that she was an impeccably dressed fashion guru.
I immediately became hooked onto her videos, and I watched all of them in the span of a couple days. I also love the older videos when Sarah accompanied her. 'Clothesencounters', soon enough, became my all-time favorite youtube channel.

Her videos are different. I have never encountered (hah...) this type of fashion channel before. Jenn's channel was refreshing to discover; it wasn't like any other beauty or fashion channel. The content of the videos are of quality, and Jenn's style is just amazing. 'Clothesencounters' put everything I love about fashion blogging and put it into the form of youtube videos.

The styling videos were helpful, and they (Jenn and Sarah) really inspired me to go thrifting. Jenn's style definitely inspired me to become more adventurous with mine. I really owe it to Jenn and 'clothesencounters' for helping me become more creative with my style.

I absolutely love this chick, and I draw a lot of style inspiration from her. Her videos never get old and are so much fun to watch, so I sometimes rewatch them when I'm in need of some styling ideas (or when I have time to kill).

"Clothesencounters" is amazing, and Jenn is a huge style inspiration for me. To say, "I freakin' love this channel" and "I love Jenn Im" would be an understatement. haha. <3 (:

Find her at:
(all photos are from Jenn's tumblr)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gladiator Sandals

Hello all! (: I've recently received an article from an online website that I would like to share with you. This article will be talking about the gladiator sandal trend that has been in style for many summers. Below are a couple of my summer gladiator sandal picks from this online site.
gladiator sandals

"Gladiator sandals roar back into fashion!

Once popular with hippy types, the latest incarnation of gladiator sandals are once again set to rank as a style staple.

With an array of celebrities rocking this look, it is no wonder that the gladiator sandal is proving to be this season’s go-to footwear choice.

Those that wish to be comfortably stylish need not look any further than a pair of gladiator sandals. Their many straps and flat soles make them the perfect choice for both city living and beach attire, whether you choose to dash around town, take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or dance the night away.

Gladiators are a simple way to add a little ‘sass’ to an otherwise low-key outfit. They also allow you to show off your summer pedicure in style. You can wear these sandals with anything from skinny jeans and statement smocks to ‘cutesy’ shorts and summer dresses. They do tend to look a little better when worn with bare legs, so if the weather permits, get those pins out!

Leather versions are a great option for anyone intending to wear their gladiator sandals all day long. A dressier option comes in this season’s metallic styles; which can be worn with elegant maxi dresses and smart shorts.

Metallic versions tend to be more flattering to the figure, especially if you are lucky enough to possess a petite frame.

One thing is for sure; the style council appear to have an unwavering appetite for both Roman-style sandals and gladiator boots. Various styles are currently hitting the highstreet and online stores in a big way.

This year’s styles have undergone a little re-vamp since last year and appear less chunky and more feminine, making gladiator sandals an extremely versatile footwear choice.

They are the perfect summer holiday shoes, not only because they take up little space in your suitcase, but also because they will most likely go well with every outfit packed.

The quickest way to get ‘on trend’ this summer is to invest in a pair of statement gladiator sandals. With so many styles available, there is bound to be a pair to flatter your body shape perfectly!

If you can’t decide on just the one pair, why not invest in a few different styles? This way you will have one look for the daytime and another for an evening on the tiles. Choose a chunkier strap in a leather fabric for a casual look and a metallic style with thinner straps for a dressier occasion.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Francisco

view from Lombard Street

my favorite house on Lombard street~ the flowers are so pretty!

city hall


there was so much fog!! it covered most of the Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Arts 

my favorite stop: Painted Ladies

A few photos from my trip in San Francisco this past weekend! It was a fun trip, and I loved seeing all the attractions. Unfortunately, it was too foggy to take pictures on top of the twin peaks when we went ): so that was the only thing that I was disappointed with. Overall, it was a lovely trip. I love visiting San Francisco; it's a beautiful city~

Hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July!! (: Have fun and eat lots of food!

Take care