Friday, March 23, 2012


Ahh finally -- It's Friday!! This week felt like the longest week ever!! (: Full of great things this week though. The only bad news is that I didn't make it into the talent show... However, I can proudly say that I am now the president of my club!!! (: To me, club presidency makes up for not being in the talent show so so so much. I'm so excited and proud and I can't wait to start the job! ^__^

Onto what I wore today~
Darn the two blurry photos! hahah. (i'll pretend i did it on purpose.............)
I've posted an outfit with this green sweater before.. it's perfect for colder days and it's super comfortable to wear!! (again....i'm going to complain about how bipolar this weather has been....... ...make up your mind, weather!!!!!!)

sweater: sears; collared shirt: thrifted; skirt and leggings: forever21; necklace: diy
This past month has been just filled with amazing things. Things have been going great and I'm just so thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me. haha..cheesy as all this is sounding..but, I'm super happy with how everything is going! ^__^

Well, it is now Friday and I'm so glad to be able to sleep in~ yayyyyyyy for sleeeep. haha! (: Hope you all had an amazing week!! Take care!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i never know what to title my posts.

Ahhh, sorry for the lack of post in the past couple weeks!! School has been loading me up with work! Also, the weather has been really weird. It was raining the past week and then it gets warmer and then it's colder.. i don't know.. weather is bipolar. haha.

collared shirt: American Eagle; sweater: pacsun; military jacket: UK style by french connection; 
jeans and necklace: forever21; boots: charlotte russe

Quick post today! Lots of big things this week. My club elections and talent show auditions are this week and I'm super excited for both. (:

Well, hope you all are doing well! Take care!


Friday, March 9, 2012

i gotta feeling

Yes. Another Friday. (WHOOT.) I'm so glad it's the end of the week...get to sleep in tomorrow..fabulous. haha. Great things are being planned for the future and I get so excited thinking about it!! (one step at a time though, step at a time!!) Talent show audition preparations, senior year preparations, my club elections, and so much more!!!

I have a lot to plan and a lot to do. From SATs and AP testing to preparing for senior year...there's just so much! My English teacher, who is also our school's yearbook/journalism adviser, gave me the job of yearbook editor-in-chief for next year!!! \(^__________^)/ EVEN BETTER NEWS...I get to go to Canada for a yearbook workshop course in the summer...and the best part of's absolutely all expense paid for me!!!! (FREE TRIP?! Scoreeeeee. free trip for the two editors: me and the layout editor! You don't know how ecstatic I am...hahah) I, along with the layout editor and my teacher (and whoever else decides to go), get to spend 4 days in Victoria, British Columbia learning crucial things for yearbook editing and enjoying the wonders of Canada. haha. ^__^ I am beyond excited for this upcoming summer and my senior year. It's going to be great....(that's an understatement...asdfk;awj exciteeed...haha)

Today's outfit! (: Simple and easy. I love button up shirts - so versatile!

I'm currently obsessed with the look of these types of necklaces with collared shirts. It gives added interest to the outfit!

shirt & jeans: forever21; shoes: R2; diy chain necklace
I had a fantastic day. (: Hope you all had one too! My cousin's engagement party is on Sunday~ congrats to her!


P.S. excuse the black eyed peas reference in my's just.......i gotta feeeeeling....that this year's gonna be a good year... that this year's gonna be a good good yearrrrrrrrrrr. whoooooooooooo.
P.P.S excuse my strange-ness. haha! ^___^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today was yet another late start day. I was able to obtain some extra sleep, which is always nice. It was sunny outside, yet still chilly... and it's supposed to heat up in the next two days... ......why, california....why is your weather so bipolar?

Yes, I wore a pink sweatshirt over a chiffon peter pan collared shirt. Didn't want to think too much about my outfit.. it was just one of those days.

I actually bought this sweatshirt a couple of years ago at forever21; since it was on sale for like...6 bucks?... everyone, and I mean everyone had this sweatshirt, so I decided to sew some sequins on to make it a little different.. I haven't worn this in so long.. it's been buried under the mountainous amount of clothes in my drawers. I decided to pull it out today to wear. (: I paired it with a peter pan collared blouse from 'cotton on' that my lovely friends got me for my birthday and some jeans and my cathy jean boots. Simple, and easy.

Afterschool, my two friends and I went to Rite Aid to snatch up some makeup products and got some frozen yogurt afterwards.

All the wonderful stuff I bought today~ 

I bought some revlon lipsticks (all on sale for $4.99!) I actually snatched up the color "sassy mauve" on a whim. I normally don't gravitate towards those types of colors, but somehow it really caught my eye. Can't wait to use these!!

A maybelline high shine lipstick in fruit punch. I have this in coral lustre, and I really enjoy the formulation of these lipsticks, so I had to get another one. (:

I had a $3 dollar off coupon for revlon nail varnish, so I decided to pick this up. (the price was only $2 and some odd cents after coupon!!) The color is so intriguing! Very unique; I don't have anything like this in my polish collection. I tried to capture the duo-chrome because it's so cool. It flashes green and purple - depending on the lighting. I think this may be a close dupe for butter london's knackered nail polish.

Ecstatic about these new products. I can't wait to try them all out. Well, it is now getting late..and I'm quite tired.. (Hah! it's only 10:20... i'm such an old 17 year old..can't even stay up! >__>) Hope you all had a wonderful day! take care!


Friday, March 2, 2012

spring makeup inspiration

Now that the weather is getting warmer (actually no that's a lie, the weather has been crazy sporadic - rain, wind, cold, and heat all in one week...haha, that rhymed....anyway...), and spring is just around the corner, I've been constantly looking at spring makeup. Seeing photos from the spring 2012 runway shows and observing the makeup has really inspired me and has gotten me really eager for the weather to get warmer so I can sport some of these looks.

I've compiled a bunch of my favorite photos and makeup looks from various spring fashion shows. The two looks that I really really reeeeeeeally like are the 'fresh faced' look and the coral/orange lip. I'm currently obsessing over coral/orange lips and have the urge to go out and buy some more lipsticks.. (even though I'm running low on $$$.... agghhhh).
The "fresh faced" look is one that I generally love. I enjoy minimal/light makeup all year round, but it's especially pretty in the spring. The first three pictures are from the Dolce and Gabbana spring 2012 runway and I was immediately drawn to the pinks/golds in the makeup. The fourth photo is from Oscar de la Renta show. The minimal makeup look is always in style, in my opinion. With the nudes and light, natural pink flush, I think it's absolutely gorgeous!! The last photo is from the Chanel runway and again, just a very pretty, natural look. (The pearl accents in Karlie's hair are so cool!!) 

Onto the fun makeup!! Gahhhh, the pop of color is just ah-mazing. The first photo is from tumblr and the rest are from the Jason Wu spring 2012 runway. I'm normally not attracted to this bright and bold of a lip, but for some reason I'm just in love with this look!! I love the contrast that it has against any outfit. Now, if only I had the confidence to rock a bold lip like this...I would, but this spring I'll be rocking a less bright orange and more of the peachy/coral lip. 

........all this makeup inspiration makes me want to go out and buy some lipsticks... however, I'm constantly reminded by the dwindling amount of cash that I I must refrain myself from going too crazy..-waits for buy one get one sales at the drugstore- It's funny 'cause I'm not much of a lip makeup person, yet I like buying a lot of lipsticks and have a ever growing wishlist of lipsticks that I lust over.....hmm.../girlproblems