Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ms. wear-your-boyfriend's-jeans

blouse: nordstrom; boyfriend jeans: i 'heart' ronson; strappy sandal heels: sears; michael kors watch

Recently, I gained a new love for boyfriend jeans. They are the quintessential casual-comfort jean. They practically go with everything, and I just adore the way they look. The loose construction is much more comfortable than my beloved skinnies. Don't get me wrong, skinny jeans have a special place in my heart. I've just made room for a relationship with my boyfriend (jeans). 


Friday, May 24, 2013

you know where the city is

 blouse: aunt's; cardigan: sears; black velvet leggings: ebay; strappy heel sandals: target

I love the contrast of black and white, especially when one plays with textures and details. These velvet leggings are the most comfortable things in the world. If I could wear them everyday, I would. 

Today we had extended lunch. My friends and I went to get Chipotle. (I freakin' loveeEeee Chipotle burritos.) I would show you how massive the burrito was, but I didn't take any pictures...I just ate it. hahah 

While most people went out to eat... some of my guy friends went out to buy a hamster....... "Oh what'd you do for lunch today?" "Bought a hamster." WHAT. haha But it is SUPER adorable!!!


Anyway, school's ending in a few weeks, and I am so done with school. I just want to graduate already! For those of you who just recently graduated high school, congrats! And for those who still have a few weeks to go, hang on! We're almost there!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

a belle to remember

 sweater: forever 21; boyfriend jeans: american eagle; strap heel sandals: target
haha my little nephew wanted a picture too.

I'm done with all major exams (except my finals at the end of the year)! Only one more month left until graduation, and I can not wait. I'm ready to leave high school and move onto bigger and better things. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013


denim overalls: thrifted; tshirt: forever 21; strappy heels: target

The last time I owned a pair of overalls was when I was a foot and some odd inches shorter, presentations for class were show-and-tell, and my mom braided my hair. 

Senioritis is hitting harddddd. I am so apathetic about everything. Just two more months until graduation! I seriously can not wait to finish high school.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a pocketful of soul

black cami; black cardigan; boyfriend jeans: american eagle; shoes: sears
studded ankle strap sandals: target

I love the look and feel of boyfriend jeans. Nothing like a break from skin tight skinnies to a looser and more comfortable fit. 

I just bought these shoes from Target today. Studded strappy sandals. *O* They were on sale too!!! ~Thanks to the universe for providing me cute, on-sale shoes in my size~