Saturday, November 3, 2012

october favorites

studded creepers: ebay; revlon lipbutter in candy apple; michael kors watch

Happy November, everyone! It's insane how fast the months go by; the end of the year is just around the corner! Well, as you can probably tell, I made my first YouTube video!! I'm extremely excited about starting up a channel. I gained a new-found respect for YouTubers for I never knew how tedious and time-consuming filming and editing was! Blogging and filming have both similarities and differences, but I think with a bit getting used to, making videos will come more easily. 

In the video, I talk about my favorites for the month of October. I apologize for being slightly awkward; it's difficult trying to find the correct words to say and film it in one take! I don't know how those YouTubers do it! Making videos will give me the chance to show my readers the actual voice behind the blog, so I really do hope you all enjoy this! If you have any video requests for me, I'll definitely take them into account. (: Also, if you would like, please subscribe to my channel here! ^_____^ 

Take care!!