Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A group of my friends and I ordered some makeup together (free shipping, whoo!) and I finally picked it up today when we were registering for our classes. The Urban Decay stuff was from the sale there were having. The palette was $10 and the cream shadow was $6! A week after we ordered the items we saw that the cream shadows went down to $3!! We all felt like we could've saved $3 but, it didn't matter because the palette wasn't in stock anymore and we all managed to grab one before they all went away! 

I also got two lipsticks from M.A.C. My first M.A.C. items that I ever bought! (My first Urban Decay items as well.) I'm very excited to use these lipsticks.

What I got: 
Urban Decay Preen eye shadow palette with mini Primer Potion and Zero 24/7 eyeliner; 
Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Whipped;
Coral lipstick (It looks darker than it is in person): M.A.C. See Sheer lipstick (lustre finish)
Pink lipstick: M.A.C. Lovelorn lipstick (lustre finish)



  1. love this shade. so happy i found your blog. i'm totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following. Thanks love. xoxo


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  2. so lovely, u shold try it on!!


  3. ^^ thanks for the encouragement<3

    btw, these makeup palettes and etc look so amazing!which site did you use ?:D

    you should have a post featuring your favorite of these :)

  4. Fantastic!!!!;D


  5. Wow, such bargains, yay for free shipping! The lipstick shades are lovely :) xx

  6. I saw the Urban Decay sale but I had to stop myself from getting more makeup. Haha. You should get the Naked Palette, I'd think you'd really like it. And I love MAC lipsticks!

  7. love the lipstick colours!

  8. I need to get my hands on some MAC lipsticks. I've got my eye on Ruby Woo and So Chaud. I just can't decide!

  9. Gosh, the lipstick is gorgeous! I want one so so much

  10. Everything looks great!
    Especially the lipsticks :)

  11. The colours of the lipsticks are so lovely! Some great bargains! :) xx

  12. aodro mac!!! it´s amazing!!!

    following you!!


  13. I love the packaging of that palette! x

  14. Those lipsticks look so lovely!

    xo Camilla

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  15. Those lipsticks look fabulous! I've never ordered make up online but I guess it's a great way to go hey!

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  16. The pattern on the inside of the palette is absolutely gorgeous!!


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