Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We had late start today at school. I love getting to sleep in. Sleep is the best. Woke up, had a nice breakfast (because I had time to - another reason to love late start), took my time getting ready while listening to songs from new obsession, The Wanted (UK boy band - members are absolutely dreamy *O* --- teenage girl obsessions, what can you do about it? hahaha).

Here is what I wore today~

Collared blouse & cardigan: forever21
shorts: DIY

I like how shades of green/teal look layered on each other. (: Just a simple yet colorful outfit. The weather was fantastic today. Can't wait for spring!
Well, off to memorize my spanish oral presentation for tomorrow! Hope you all have a fantastic day.



  1. Wow, love the blouse!! :)
    Nice blog, wanna follow each other?
    Take care xoxo

  2. Very lovely outfit! I love that blouse :)

  3. Ohh, the two colours work so wonderfully together! <3 I love this look!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. Your outfit is like a gradient effect! Interesting yet lovely~
    I also like The Wanted! I still enjoy listening to their song 'Glad you came' despite it being so old hehe :)

  5. love the colours that you put together!

  6. the colors work so well together! love it.

  7. Love it!

  8. i really love the soft sea foam with the deeper teal.... great color palette!

  9. Those are some gorgeous shades of teal! Forever21 has some of the coolest and most reasonably priced stuff. Thanks for sharing your outfit!

  10. i love the colour of this! it really suits your skin tone aswell :) lovely choice!

  11. Super girly outfit and gosh I love your room ;p;p Can;t wait to next posts :)

    Take a look at my blog if U want

  12. the blouse looks really great,
    i like the outfit, because of the combination of the blouse and the cardigan. amazing colours!

  13. Love this color combo! and you're right, sleeping in is the BEST! I love it too.

    found the route

  14. Your room looks so cute!!!


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