Sunday, March 10, 2013

blogging: my thoughts and opinions

After reading Francesca's post on her thoughts on blogging, it made me start to think about my opinions on blogging, and I decided to put in my own two cents. I'll just get on with the word vomit. -warning text heavy post-

Sponsorship. I think there's nothing wrong with it - only if a blogger does it sparingly; if one truly loves the items they're being sent, there is nothing wrong with accepting sponsored items. I mean, who doesn't love free stuff? Getting free things and doing sponsored posts are perks of blogging, and yes, it is tempting to accept every sponsored request (I must admit to being guilty for having done so in the past), but I've come to realize that it takes away from the original purpose of blogging: to blog what one truly loves and to showcase one's own, personal style. Recently, I've been noticing this trend of wearing head-to-toe sponsored items from bloggers. It's disappointing to look at a blogger's outfit description and seeing "c/o -blank company-" after every single item in his/her outfit. Sponsors shouldn't dictate what style a blogger should have, a blogger's style should dictate what sponsors he or she decides to collaborate with. This doesn't mean letting the sponsor completely taking over how one posts. I personally feel that the 'personal' in personal style blogging has been quite watered down through the excessive amount of sponsorships.

Why blog? I sometimes question myself on why I blog. I created this blog out of boredom and was in need of some creative outlet; thus, I created this as a project for myself to occupy my time. Some may feel like blogging and being interested in fashion and beauty is superficial and shallow, and I do question if it's worth continuing or if I should focus my time on something with more substance. But then again, blogging, fashion, and beauty are things that I love for what they are; I love them for the aesthetic value and don't let it take over my life. I can still be a substantial person and be interested in these more frivolous things, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there's a bit of pressure when it comes to blogging. I know one's not supposed to compare her blog to another's - especially if it's a fantasticamazingblog with 34710398176 followers - but sometimes it's subconscious to think, "why isn't my blog as nice as hers?" or "agh. my layout and content don't even compare...." Also trying to please readers adds some pressure. "will people like what I posted?" "maybe I should've said something else in the post"

Now, there's a lot of these underlying blogging opinions in everyone in this community. Maybe I would be better off being ignorant to all these thoughts. Ignorance is bliss, right? Maybe being blissfully unaware about these rarely discussed opinions would make blogging more enjoyable. Maybe selfishly blogging for only myself, blocking out all outside opinions, and doing it purely for my own enjoyment would make it a lot easier. Because of course at the end of the day it is my blog, and the content I put up should be something I enjoy. Maybe that's the key to being a happy blogger: not caring and taking blogging for what it is at face value, being my own blogger and stop trying to be something I'm not. Is that what I'm doing wrong? (I'm going to answer that rhetorical question and say 'yes, probably.') Or maybe I'm just going through some weird mid-but-not-really-mid blogger's life crisis or something... I mean, I do blog for my own enjoyment, but maybe I should focus more on that and only use a healthy amount of how others may think as a motivational method instead of using it to create insecurities.

Well gee, I hope some of that made sense.... I have no idea what I'm even talking about anymore or what I even said....afw;jiejaw. I think some of the things I said were pointless since I diffused my own doubts and arguments, but oh well.

Please, tell me, what are your thoughts? I would love to read all of your comments about it. Maybe someone can enlighten me with his or her opinion, and it'll give me some more insight on this topic.



  1. this was an awesome read!!! i can totally relate to how you feel about it!
    it really bothers me when i see girls accept every sponsored item even when it doesn't fit their image and it's just obvious they can't get enough :/
    you've gotta stay true to yourself! <3

    1. I totally agree. But some get blinded by the free shit and popularity contest. Im glad there are some awesome girls that I have meet in the blog world that didnt get fazed by anything and is still true to themselves. You should check them out on my blog on the right side under Top Fab followers if you're looking for friendships.


  2. I totally agree with everything you said! I was thinking about doing a similar post but unlike yours, my thoughts were kind of all over the place. Even if a blog is for fun, jealously sadly hits everyone at some point :( At the end of the day, since the blog is for you, I think it is okay to be selfish and blog what you like. Maybe people who use their blogs as their sole source of income should tailor more to their readers?

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. Beautiful picture


    Coline ♡

  4. I agree sponsored posts are great but overdoing it takes the authenticity of blogging for pure joy away , with that said getting paid to do what you love is great but keeping it real with your readers is crucial . Great post .

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  5. I totally agree... When I see outfit posts that are entirely comprised of c/o items, I instantly lose a bit of respect for the blogger. :/ While I can understand that a lot of people can't afford to go out and buy new wardrobes every month, it's still a bit disappointing!


  6. I totally agree with u and being a blogger myself I found myself wondering the same questions... Lately I started to care more about being more effective like posting everyday and trying to take good pictures.. Or i mean good pictures according to my own opinion...And I find that more rewarding... I mean it took me awhile and still compare myself to other bloggers that are perfect in my eyes but I realize that is about what I want and my goals... I think it's a hard subject to talk about

  7. I agree with you...sometimes with bloggers ignorance is bliss!!

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  9. Such thoughtfulness! I see nothing wrong with sponsoring, if you like something, why not tell people about it, right? But sometimes when I go to Blogs and I see ads everywhere from top to side to bottom, I am most likely not wanting to read it, takes away from the realness.

    I think just stick to what you love and want to blog about. Sometimes I have compared my Blog to others. You notice a lot of fashion blogs and how it has so many followers, but I think people are mostly interested in how the person looks, not really their words, they are attracted to what is pretty and nice. I would rather have few followers that actually read what I have to say compared to a thousand who just say "Wow, so pretty" or "CUTE outfit". When you have a more broad Blog, like lifestyle, or photography, I think people take more notice to what is really there. So it's nice to have a little bit of everything.

  10. i think if u can get sponsored why not, as long as u keep true to yourself and style. im not sponsored everything i wear i bought or got as a gift from y family friend and boy :)

  11. Just discovered your blog, it's great lovely and such a well written post. I love reading other bloggers thoughts on common topics around what we spend a lot of our time doing - I completely share your opinion re the sponsorship by the way!

    Elizabeth Daisy xo

  12. i really enjoyed this...i am a culprit of always comparing myself to the million and something does get me down but you are right...I feel like i should focus more on just enjoying what i do, because i really do love blogging and fashion...followers or not.
    Great post :)

  13. interesting post, your image is beautiful!

    Pretty To Be Happy

  14. beautiful blog!
    maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  15. I couldn't agree with you more! I often find myself questioning why I blog and is it worth it but I'd rather do that than waste my time watching shit tv or reading the daily mail! Thanks for such an interesting post!

    Check out our blog to be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous skirt from! Good Luck! Fiona xo

  16. Loving this post! so true! But think you blog for yourself, and anyone who wants can appreciate it!


  17. it seems like Fran's post incited a lot of thought provoked posts around the blogosphere.
    I'm a big believer of people blogging for their own fun and not wanting to gain a name from it. I'm sure everyone has been guilty of wanting to get something out of blogging, but when someone stays true to their blog, it can really show on the surface!

    you have a gorgeous blog for that record too!
    Keep it up!


  18. hey! so lovely)
    would you like to follow each other?
    flw me and tell about this! Be sure I’ll flw back)

  19. I know what you mean - at times when I have a bit of 'blogger's block' I question why I am blogging and wonder if people must perceive me as being shallow blogging about shopping and material goods. But you gotta do what makes you happy and haters gone hate so there's no point worrying about them!

    Love reading your blog :)

    Tien xo

  20. I am Loving this post. so true. But I think you blog for yourself, and anyone who wants can appreciate it.Yor style was so look so gordgious.

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