Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School

School started for me yesterday and it was surprisingly more pleasant than I thought it would be. I came to school, not very optimistic. It didn't feel like I was starting a new year; It felt like I was going back to school after  a long weekend. But, when I went into my classes I liked all my teachers and felt like it wasn't going to be all that bad. My pre-calculus teacher is also my physics teacher and I think she's awesome! I also really like my A.P. U.S. History teacher. He reminds me of those cheery, old grandfathers in animated movies with his glasses, receding hairline and awesome mustache. haha.

This was today's outfit. I had to wear my club t-shirt on the first day of school, so that's why there's no outfit post. I was originally going to wear this outfit on the first day anyway, so yeahhh. haha. (:

dress: H&M; denim vest: DIY-ed; sandals: Sears
bracelet: H&M
Black liner (used to tightline): Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero; Green 'eyeliner': Urban Decay Mildew eyeshadow; Mascara: Covergirl LashBlast Volume
I wore this makeup look today and got tons of compliments. My friends would do a double-take and ask me, "Are you wearing green eyeliner?" before proceeding to say that it looks cool on me. I love wearing different colored eyeliners, especially green because it makes my eyes look super brown. (LOL, you can see the reflection in my eye.)

I'm pretty sure this year is going to be interesting. Lots more hard classes and lots of homework and effort. But, I know this year is going to teach me lots of new things, and it's definitely going to be a year of change. Good change. I realized yesterday when I was walking around on campus that I walked with a different stride and strut. A walk that was a lot more confident than the walk last year's Theresa possessed. I stood taller and straighter and I felt good about myself. It's time to kick it into full gear and start studying and getting good grades and go through a ton of self-discovery. High School definitely is a time of growth and I'm starting to see that growth. 

I hope everyone that is in school has a great school year and good luck with all of your studies! Take care! (: 



  1. so cute! :)
    hope you have a good year!
    and ahaha nice makeup post, beautifulll!

  2. Nice photos and outfit! love your dress! :)

  3. lovely outfit! :) x

  4. J'aime la robe et le petit bracelet !!!


  5. wow, that dress is so beautiful!

  6. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  7. your blog is cute *


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