Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today was yet another late start day. I was able to obtain some extra sleep, which is always nice. It was sunny outside, yet still chilly... and it's supposed to heat up in the next two days... ......why, california....why is your weather so bipolar?

Yes, I wore a pink sweatshirt over a chiffon peter pan collared shirt. Didn't want to think too much about my outfit.. it was just one of those days.

I actually bought this sweatshirt a couple of years ago at forever21; since it was on sale for like...6 bucks?... everyone, and I mean everyone had this sweatshirt, so I decided to sew some sequins on to make it a little different.. I haven't worn this in so long.. it's been buried under the mountainous amount of clothes in my drawers. I decided to pull it out today to wear. (: I paired it with a peter pan collared blouse from 'cotton on' that my lovely friends got me for my birthday and some jeans and my cathy jean boots. Simple, and easy.

Afterschool, my two friends and I went to Rite Aid to snatch up some makeup products and got some frozen yogurt afterwards.

All the wonderful stuff I bought today~ 

I bought some revlon lipsticks (all on sale for $4.99!) I actually snatched up the color "sassy mauve" on a whim. I normally don't gravitate towards those types of colors, but somehow it really caught my eye. Can't wait to use these!!

A maybelline high shine lipstick in fruit punch. I have this in coral lustre, and I really enjoy the formulation of these lipsticks, so I had to get another one. (:

I had a $3 dollar off coupon for revlon nail varnish, so I decided to pick this up. (the price was only $2 and some odd cents after coupon!!) The color is so intriguing! Very unique; I don't have anything like this in my polish collection. I tried to capture the duo-chrome because it's so cool. It flashes green and purple - depending on the lighting. I think this may be a close dupe for butter london's knackered nail polish.

Ecstatic about these new products. I can't wait to try them all out. Well, it is now getting late..and I'm quite tired.. (Hah! it's only 10:20... i'm such an old 17 year old..can't even stay up! >__>) Hope you all had a wonderful day! take care!



  1. A new post~ You diy-ed the pink sweatshirt?!?! Wowowowow! It looks as if you bought it that way! Very pro. I liked how it added a little pizzazz to your outfit, and it also replaces the need for a necklace! "Hey Theresa, is that a necklace?" *BAM* "No, I diy-ed this sweatshirt!" ψ(`∇´)ψ
    And love love lololoved~ All the lipsticks you bought (especially Coralberry) and the nail polish! I love duo-chrome! Wish I was there to eat some froyo with you guys (iДi)

    Miss you a lot, Sisi ♥

  2. Ooo, I like how you modified the sweatshirt! Sequins look super cute on jumpers :). You also seem to have gone on a make up haul :)...something I need to do ASAP!

  3. nice sweater color!

    following you, hope you can follow back :)

  4. I like the fruit punch lipstick! and the sweater is great, very creative! :)

  5. Those are such lovely shades of lipstick! I really like the coral one :)

    And love how you made the $6 sweatshirt your own :D

    The nail polish is so pretty as well! I love anything that is pearly and iridescent <3

    Much love!!
    Jennifer <3

  6. I love the color of your collar.! ♥♥♥

  7. Love the peter pan collars! x


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