Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i never know what to title my posts.

Ahhh, sorry for the lack of post in the past couple weeks!! School has been loading me up with work! Also, the weather has been really weird. It was raining the past week and then it gets warmer and then it's colder.. i don't know.. weather is bipolar. haha.

collared shirt: American Eagle; sweater: pacsun; military jacket: UK style by french connection; 
jeans and necklace: forever21; boots: charlotte russe

Quick post today! Lots of big things this week. My club elections and talent show auditions are this week and I'm super excited for both. (:

Well, hope you all are doing well! Take care!



  1. Hey my school recently hosted a talent show too..I had to photograph! On another note..I'm in love with your military jacket *-*

  2. The shoulder detail on your jacket is so cute! Good luck with club elections and talent show auditions :)

  3. So cute Theresa!!!! Kawaii level 100~ I feel you, the weather is too bipolar. One day you're in shorts. Next day you're layering 3 tops underneath a jacket!
    Good luck on your talent show audition and club election ( ^∇^)ノ♡

  4. Loving this layered look! (:


  5. It's okay dear <3
    The weather in Indonesia changes quickly too.
    Anyway, I love the layered look :)
    They look pretty on you!

    Oh is it? I don't think so because I love wearing white pants too <3
    Always be confidence on what you wear :)
    Have a pleasant day dear!

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥

    Pinkie Anggia

  6. It's okay dear <3
    I hope you keep enjoy your day there
    Here in Indonesia, the weather is changes quickly too!
    Anyway I love the layered look in your outfit
    They're totally awesome!

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥

    Pinkie Anggia


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