Sunday, December 16, 2012

model obsession: Cara Delevingne

I have been currently obsessed with British fashion model Cara Delevingne. She's absolutely gorgeous, and I am so in love with everything about her. I love her look, I love her fashion sense, I love her personality... I love her!!!! So I decided to do a little Cara Delevingne appreciation post ....

Her face structure is just gorgeous. Her eyebrows are incredible; I love the fact that she has thick eyebrows. Also, her eyes are so beautiful!!! agh, she's so stunning. (hah. *fangirl*)
There is seriously no wonder on why she won Model of the Year for 2012. Her look is superb, and she has been featured in so many shows and campaigns this year. (She looked incredible in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.)
Her style is amazing as well. She has this edgy-tomboy look to her; a casual, a little rough around the edges type of aesthetic that I really like! However, it wasn't her look that won me over initially; it was her personality! She has a wonderful personality; very humorous, goofy, and real. She doesn't come off as arrogant or snobbish in her interviews; she has a really fun personality that's really relatable. It's really refreshing to see a model that doesn't take herself too seriously! 
all photos taken from tumblr
Well, this is the end of my Cara Delevingne appreciation post. Love this chick. She's perf. :3 



  1. haha shes so cute in all thsoe funny photo! I love her too, her eyebrows are so intense it's amazing!

  2. Cara!
    Like you and pretty much everyone else in the blogosphere, I'm completely in LOVE with Cara! She's so pretty with those fierce eyebrows and those lovely eyes along with that perfect hair and that perfect body. If she wasn't quite as hilarious and crazy seeming as she is, I might have to hate her just a tad bit!
    Alas, she's absolutely stunning, has a pretty cool job, and seems funny and as down-to-earth as can be. Can she just be my best friend already?!
    Not to mention the closet she must have! Her style is pretty cool and I think you really represented it well with the photos that you chose. She wears things (for the most part) that I could definitely see myself wearing. That turquoise beanie and the sweater+shorts outfit? Yes, please!

    Thanks for sharing these photos Theresa.
    Let's have a moment of fangirling over Cara! :)


  3. I love her face, and she is so gorgeous in VS show
    Followed :)

  4. Wow flicking through these photos....I guess she deserved model of the year haha!

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  6. I like everything I see <3

    X Jenny

  7. Great pictures!
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  8. I like this post so much: shee's wonderful!
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  9. love her and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  10. She is like my girl crush, I love her so much!

  11. She is so gorgeous! I love all these photos!

  12. She is so adorable :) I love looking at model's fashion style in their everyday life. They have the best styles :D keep in touch, cool blog.

    Joyce @

  13. I love her, she is adorable!

  14. Holy crap, new girl crush found. Not only is she a massive babe, she also seems like the raddest best mate to hang out with.

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  15. Oh wow Im so obsessed with her =)

  16. She really is adorable. Thanks for tracking down all the pics, so I didn't have to ;).

  17. She's so pretty! I love her shots, and she sure seems really personable :)

  18. I love cara! She's so funny and so talented. Absolutely my girl crush too ;)

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  19. great post and she really adorable!

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  21. Gorgeous<3 Love her brows~

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  22. She really is perfect. So pretty! We wish you a very Merry Christmas! :)
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming/snowy Berlin ♥

  23. She is so beautiful!

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  24. aww she's so lovely and cute!
    btw, just found your blog and definitely loved it!

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