Monday, December 10, 2012

this year's wishlist

christmas/birthday wishlist

Just here to share with you all my material wants for this Christmas/birthday season:

1. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: I need some. Just to prance around in...and pose for some awkward family photos.
2. Anorak/Parka: I would love a gorgeous anorak to add to my collection of jackets/coats. Jackets are where fashion meets function.
3. Doc Martens: Specifically the Pascal 8 Eye boot in Shiraz... gorgeous burgundy/red boots to toughen up any type of outfit.
4. Style Stalker Blanc Dress: I cannot tell you how much I lust for this dress; it's so gorgeous!!!!!! The cut-out/waist-and-sleeve detailing is superb. I am head-over-heels for this dress.
5. UNIF Hellbents: These shoes...I can't... I MUST HAVE THEM. You know you're obsessed with a shoe when you start coming up with outfits, and you don't even own said shoe.
6. Beanies: When in doubt, beanie it out. (wait..what..?) A girl can never have too many beanies; the fool-proof present (for me at least).
7. Funky Patterned Socks: Yes, I would love quirky socks to wear with my ever-growing shoe collection. Anything with food or animals would be ultra appreciated.

So Santa, wanna hook a girl up?

P.S. I revamped the layout a bit! I really like the new look; I hope you do too!


  1. I'd like your wishlist too!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love UO's quirky socks ^_^ I have like six! I'm not obsessed, I swear LOL
    Ugh, UNIF shoes are to die for!!! I WANT THEM ALLLLLLL!!!! I agree, a girl can never have too many beanies... and shoes ^_~

  3. Oooh love all the seasonally printed socks and sweaters! Also I definitely back the Docs as they last forever and I want the UNIF Hellbents as well! They're so insanely awesome.

  4. I would be lying if I said that I don't want just about everything on your wishlist right now.
    Let's start with my biggest want right now: Doc Martens. I'm not sure how I've managed to make it this far in life without combat boots of some sort but it's high time to remedy that. Every single pair of Doc Martens is just so ugghhhhhh and beautiful. They kill me. Really. They do.
    Then there's those UNIF Hellbents. I'm not quite sure how I feel about UNIF shoes right now...all I know is that they would definitely give me a couple extra inches. I definitely can't say no to that.

    Moving on, we have the anorak and the ugly Christmas sweaters. The weather outside is frightful while the fire is so delightful. Hence, there's a need to either stay inside or bundle up. Since staying inside all day is a no-go, bundling up it is. Anoraks and sweaters (ugly ones or not!) would definitely make perfect layering pieces. Plus they're versatile.
    And beanies add to the cool layered downtown grungy chic look while keeping your head warm! After all, 10% of your body warmth escapes through your head. Yes, I did know that fact without googling it. Yes, I am a nerd. So sue me.
    Anyway, back to the wishlist. Rounding off the stellar list of awesome wants (or possibly NEEDS) are that dress and some cool socks. Nothing really needs to be said about the dress. It's white and it's cute. End of story.
    As for the socks, well they keep you warm and have many uses and are quite versatile. Well, that's my justification for spending money (more than should be spent) on them. Nothing like fuzzy/cute/unusual socks to spice up a day. Plain white socks are just too overrated :P


  5. UO SOCKS HOMG, I saw them this morning when I was browsing through UO. Do you think they'd fit womens/girls feet .. cause I know they're in the mens section and there's no UO in Aus. CRYING INSIDE RIGHT NOW :'(

  6. love your wishlist! the dress is so lovely! I want it in my wishlist too!

  7. I love this wishlist :) the jumper are so cool and the dress is sooo pretty ! x

  8. Awww those "ugly" christmas sweaters aren't that ugly at all!

    Sophisticated Lace

  9. yes i definitely need more beanies!


  10. Everything here is perfect. Want want want!

    ox from NYC!


  11. I've been lusting after that dress for so long! It's beautiful!

  12. so I pretty much want every sweater you posted up there - LOVE.

  13. Beanie it out, got it.;) Want half the things on your b-day/Xmas list too!!

  14. I have a similar parka but with leather sleeves. Wouldn't mind another though! Haha, and still need to get my hands on a pair of Doc Martens!

    Love from NY
    xx Arushi

  15. I'm your newest follower! Love your blog, it's great!

  16. those was jumper are fab <3
    x the cookies

  17. I've got my eyes set on a pair of Doc Martens too!
    cool items

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  19. Dope Items!

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  20. xmas sweaters are on the top of my wish list as well :)

    xoxo, Tiffany

  21. Gimme ugly christmas sweaterssss! This is a great list, my dear. I'll probably just copy and paste it and send it to my momma. Thanks ;)

    xo, Heather

  22. Way too many amazing picks here. I love the fun socks!

  23. I absolutely love this wishlist!! <3

  24. Fabulous selection !! I love the sweaters :)


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