Sunday, April 14, 2013

inspiration: spring cleaning


I'm generally a get-straight-to-the-point type of gal. I like simplicity and being easy-going. So why not translate that more into my style? Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my slice of ambiguity and all things crazy, wild, and wonderful; however, sometimes a clean, crisp, and simple style really hits the spot. 

I've been completely inspired by the monochromatic and minimalistic look lately; and I want to adopt a more minimal style: one with less fuss and simpler pieces.  Sometimes I get lazy with my style, yet I still want to look put-together, so I end up forcing myself to think long and hard about compiling a good outfit. By incorporating more basic items into my closet, it will be easier to just throw on something quickly and still look pretty darn put-together. 

This doesn't mean I want to cut out all color and pattern from my wardrobe; I just want to mix in more basic colors (black and white), classic pieces, and simple silhouettes. The details count: tasteful cutouts, strappy detailings, and different textures and layers can add more character to otherwise basic pieces. 

So I guess it's time to save up some cash for a new wardrobe and do some spring style cleaning. 



  1. Beautiful collage! So minimal. I'm feeling the same way lately. I feel like my wardrobe is not at all up to its potential.

  2. Ah i've been craving minimalism for some time now, but it's still fresh and exciting to me nonetheless! great set


  3. cool collages!

    just found your blog and totally love our fashion sense ;)

  4. mmm, I agree with your sentiments for a minimalist yet put together style, and i really like this collection of clothes. I'd like to do something similar, but my wardrobe has been primarily black and neutrals for a long, long time and I'm thinking of incorporating a lot more color. These items are really inspiring to get an idea of basics to add to my own wardrobe :)

  5. ahh i love this. all black or all white is so pretty x

  6. I'm totally feeling the same way. I have next to no neutral pieces and so much old clothing that needs to be donated! Good luck on your wardrobe endeavour!

  7. Ah love it all! I'm the same, I buy way too much fun things and not enough basics!

  8. Those white Zara heels are amazing. I've had my eye on them for ages now x

  9. I'm seriously drooling over these pieces. I'm looking forward to see how you update your wardrobe!

  10. These pieces are soo amazing. Black and white are my favorite! x

  11. I love everything, especially the shoes - wow. Perfect inspiration!

  12. Doing spring cleaning today!!! Can't wait to donate some of my clothes to my friends :) I am ready for a clean closet filled with only things I love...
    Thanks for inspiration! Happy Saturday!

  13. love love love this post, definitely feeling the monochrome <3

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