Monday, April 29, 2013

prom inspiration feat.

simple prom

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It's currently prom season, and girls are frantically searching for that "perfect" dress to wear on prom night. I was recently introduced to this website called **, and as I was browsing the dresses, many of them caught my eye. So I compiled all the dresses I would possibly wear for prom (if I was going to prom haha). 

My favorite dresses are the ones with one simple color scheme (such as black haha), yet have interesting silhouettes, fabric texture, and details like straps and flowy chiffon panels. Girls tend to go really flashy and over the top for their prom dresses with the typical satin maxi dresses with sequin or jewel detailing. I personally think that a simpler dress is more elegant. 

Wearing a simple dress with interesting details and silhouettes will actually stand out amongst the sparkling dresses and shiny fabrics for it's something not everyone is wearing and will actually be more eye-catching. 

Now I'm curious, what did/are you wear(ing) for your prom? (what would you if you didn't/haven't?) (:



  1. If I were you I would wear the 2nd from the left but without leggings or stockings :) Wear that dress and boost up the look with sparkling accessories <3

  2. Beautiful stunning dress inspriation. I actually wore a wedding dress to my junior prom lol it was just a simple white dress so I went for it!

  3. all the dresses are so lovely!

  4. I love the 5th one. Looking back on my prom now I wish I picked a different dress so that I could have worn it more than once. I went for a 50's style cut in a sky blue.

    Lauren x

  5. I love the yellow one! It's very flowy and springy!

  6. Stunning dresses! Love them :)

    xx, V

  7. Love the dress # 6 !!!

  8. I thought I don't have to think about my prom dress until a few weeks before the prom. I was so wrong xD Now I'm so confused and have no idea what I should wear. The only think I know is that I want it to be a long dress and elegant, yet simple. Luckily, my prom is next year.
    I like your choice, especially the black ones, but I would wear them casually or at GNO :)

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. love the third dress <3 just followed your blog. you have a great blog! :)

    xx, riotouslolita

  10. Those are some wonderful dresses, the yellow one is my fave!

    x Sam

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