Friday, April 6, 2012

don't forget the lyrics!

Ahh this week has been crazy busy, so I haven't gotten a chance to post until now. With my AP. U.S. History project due and my club things and I was called a day before the talent show to perform, I had a lot on my plate! So, from a previous post, I said that I didn't make the auditions for talent show, but since they didn't have enough acts for the show, they called me back the day before the show asking me if I wanted to perform...and crazy me...I accepted!! My friend and I frantically pulled together an act and I totally blanked out on the lyrics to my song while performing! hahah!!! BUT! I saved myself by stating..."WAIT. I have the lyrics on my phone!!!" and ~whipped~ out my phone and sang again. hahah. Our school assistant principal told me the next day.. "the lyrics and phone thing....was priceless." know.. I live to embarrass myself for other's entertainment... HAHA!

Besides the forgetting of lyrics, I thought I did pretty well and had a ton of fun~ No regrets~ whatever happens,  happens! ^__^ Well, other than the school work and the talent show.. I had to interview applicants for my club and that was fun! Now I'm just trying to finish all my homework and projects and get through this next week...and then SPRING BREAK~~ yay!

Now onto the outfit! (:
Okay.. so I wore this on Wednesday...when it was just really warm..all of a sudden.. agh.. weather weirdness yet again.. 

I absolutely love pairing knits over collared shirts~ obsezzed with the look it gives~~ 

collared shirt: h&m; necklaces: diy & vintage; knit sweater top: pacsun; shorts: diy; 

I also went to target yesterday and my aunt bought me some makeup stuff.. I'm always buying stuff... i know it's bad...but...i can't resist the makeup aisle!!!! everything's just so....pretty *O* (darn you, marketing techniques!!) I'm running out of space to store my makeup... heh.. oh well....
I bought Loreal's infallible eyeshadow in "eternal sunshine" (LOVE gold eyeshadow~), N.Y.C. lipstain in "Rock on Ruby," Rimmel lipstick in "airy fairy," and Revlon Colorstay nail polish in "spanish moss."
Airy Fairy is a nice pink-nude color and I didn't have a color like this, so I decided to pick it up! I don't know why I keep wanting to buy lipsticks........ I have accumulated a good amount of them over the past few months... I just..couldn't...resist!! And the ironic thing is.. I'm not much of a lip product person either.. I get lazy to reapply.. but I just love lipsticks! Maybe the small collection I'm creating will help motivate me to use them more often~
Spanish Moss is a pretty khaki green color. I've been wanting a color like this for a while, so i decided to pick it up while I was at target! I'm super impressed with the formula! It's opaque in one coat and dries super quick! Also.. it was reasonably priced at $4 and some odd cents! (:

Well, this week has been crazy packed, so I'm glad I got the chance to squeeze in a blog post! (: The next two months with preparing for the SATs and AP testing is going to be crazy hectic, so I'm just truckin' on through with the work load and trying to manage my time as well as I can. My friend and I are planning this awesome, separate outside project that I can't wait to be able to work on and tell you all about after all the testing!! (:

Hope you all are doing well!! Take care!!


  1. the weather has been so weird! love this outfit though, the layered look is really awesome! and that necklace is so great! love the nail polish, as well!


  2. Love the nail polish!! x126515

  3. love the outfit :) xxx

  4. That knit sweater over collared top look gives such a cool, laid-back vibe! x

  5. Cute outfit! And congrats on making it in for the auditions :) Lucky they asked you last will definitely be a fun experience :D

  6. You make me almost miss high school! Haha. I love the pale yellow knit, you look so cute!

  7. Great outfit dear! Love it :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. lovely yellow color dear

  9. That pale yellow color is so pretty on you :) xx

  10. Love the knit top and the color of it! (:

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