Friday, April 20, 2012

lipsticks galore

I decided to swatch all the lipsticks that I had. Ohhh the things I do to kill time during spring break. haha. (: I have in total of 9 lipsticks~~ (and counting...haha) Realized that I own a lot of corals.. hmmmm... 

Lipsticks/swatches: Rimmel Airy Fairy; Revlon Coralberry; Maybelline Coral Lustre; Revlon Demure; Maybelline Fruit Punch; MAC lovelorn; Revlon Sassy Mauve; MAC see sheer; MAC sweetie

(: I enjoyed putting together this post~ Hope you all are doing well!

Take care xx

P.S. Blogger just changed it's layout on me...and I'm not quite sure if I like it yet...i dislike it when websites change on me!! >__< :P


  1. I have Sassy Mauve too!

    This was cute :) Take care

  2. wow they are all so pretty you have so many!!! xx

  3. Wow! you have a lot! love the 3rd one along the top row!
    The blog layout looks clean cut! I like it :D
    Krissy xoxo

  4. all of these colors are gorgeous!


  5. I love the one right in the middle! :D <3

  6. Haha I reverted back to the old Blogger layout right away! The new one is too fancy..

    All your lipsticks are so, so pretty! I love the third one on the first row and the second one of the second row! :)

  7. Lovely colours! :)

  8. totally love the colours of the first of the first and second rows! followed you on GFC as well x x

  9. Revlon Coral Berry is so pretty!! I am so bad!! I have more than 10!! I may start donating ones I never used!! Thank you for sharing your collection. :) I need to stop buying makeup for my part. Never good to own too many. Bad me! :(


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