Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hats off to you

Bought a new hat yesterday! (: Got it at target on sale for $9. I've always wanted a hat like this, so I'm definitely glad that I got it. I have always liked how hats looked on my, but I never wear them..this is like the 3rd hat that I own. haha. maybe I should start wearing them more since it's getting a lot sunnier and warmer outside! ^___^

Hope you all are doing well! I'm just enjoying my spring break~ Gahh I love waking up later than 6:30am on a weekday. Going to go thrifting later today with my friend! Hope I find some cool stuff. :3

Take care! xx


  1. That hat looks so cute on you! Can't believe it was only 9 dollars!

  2. I like everything here, goob job!

  3. I like your hat! Looks perfect on you :)

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  4. you're so cute, love the vintage hat :)

  5. i love hats....they make great additions to an outfit. i love my straw fedora best. this one is really cute on you!

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