Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may inspiration overflow

Just a few (...a lot.. haha) photos that I have been getting inspiration out of lately. Been obsessed with studs, denim, floral, beanies, and easy-yet-stylish outfits. Photos have a click-through link for the source and those from tumblr do not have a click through link.

^ I LOVE HER. (Jenn from Clothesencounters) She has an amazing youtube channel with tons of awesome fashion videos. I can legitimately say that I have a HUGE girl crush on her. She has incredible style and she's so pretty!! *O* I wish I had her face (and I mean that in the least creepiest way possible haha).
*O* beanies... still need to get a beanie.. (even though it's warming up....haha.)


Jennifer Im of Clothes Encounters

Love the studs on these shorts. so cool!
loafers. need. now.
I really like the look of these stone rings~ not to mention..they could really hurt someone if you punch them... (remember....violence is bad kids.....)
Beautiful. Must do a DIY project soon with shorts.

Hope you all enjoyed the plethora of photos I've compiled together. (: (and...i was trying to be clever in my title if you couldn't tell......hmm...i was never good at puns anyway)



  1. the second pic is nadia esra! omg i follow her too. her hair is amazing and she always has amazing outfits. and omg im obsessed with clothesencounters too. she is seriously so pretty! and makes amazing videos.


  2. omg, great inspiration photos! really love the denim floral shorts and also clothesencounters is so pretty omg. just went to her blog *faints*


  3. Awesome inspiration!

    Jenn and Alyssa inspire me a lot too!


  4. omg jen imm!! i love her too!lol all of these girls have such amazing style!


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