Sunday, May 27, 2012

wants: acid washed, denim, and flatforms


Just a few things I've been lusting over. I've been obsessing over acid washed denim lately - jeans, vests, jackets, shorts, etc! I really want some denim vests as well - just denim anything, basically!
Flatforms are also something I've been lusting over. I really like this trend - shoes with comfortable height! (not like I need anymore height..haha).

However, the one pair of shoes that I have been TRULY OBSESSED over for the past few months are those Jeffrey Cambell Martini Spike loafers. *O* I am in LOVE with those loafers. I just can't afford them.. *cries* This is why I need a job...I can earn money for shoes. haha.



  1. LOVING chunky platforms & wedges right now! xo.

  2. Recently I've been falling into a denim obsession, too. Especially acid-washed denim... *sigh*

  3. go to the thrift store and get some bleach and acid wash yourself :)
    that's what i did! i studded the collars too!
    super cute! ill do a post soon!

    xx candace

  4. ahh i had those exact floral flatforms in my shopping cart online but decided not to buy them! all gorgeous items:)

  5. haha, wearing acid washed denim this very second! :) Denim vests are also on my wishlist...

  6. I love all of these especially the loafers! Wish I could afford them too! Sigh.


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