Sunday, May 20, 2012

sea world

I went to Sea World yesterday with my family! (: It was a great trip. I haven't been to Sea World since I was 6 or 7 years old, so it was nice to go back. I had so much fun watching the shows and going on the Atlantis ride with my brother (which....was crazy... I didn't know that I could scream that high haha)

Shamu!! :3 They are so big!! I loved watching them splash the audience. haha good thing I sat up higher in the splash zone, so I didn't get wet. hehe

The "Blue Horizons" acrobat/dolphin show was incredible.  
What a beautiful costume! It's so colorful~

The acrobats jumped from a very high platform and dived into the water - I don't think I would have the guts to do that!

Sea World had this area with all of the state flags, which was really cool. :3
Shark exhibit~ I love the fish tunnels! 
(>__< excuse my ridiculousness; the baby boy is my nephew<3)  

Sea Lions Live was a hilarious show! I loved the comedy they put into the show; they did parodies of popular shows like "survivor" and "dancing with the stars" with the sea lions - so cute!

straw fedora: forever21; collared blouse: thrifted; denim shirt: thrifted; shorts: DIY; floral canvas shoes: forever21
A poor outfit photo. haha I apologize, but I didn't get a chance to take many outfit photos.

I had a fun, eventful Saturday. I hope you all had a great weekend as well. (: It's project season for school..I have so many projects to do. Agh, only one more month of school left. Summer, please arrive soon!!

I know some of you are already on break or going to be on break soon.... lucky!! I'm jealous x__x

take care!


  1. So jealous of your trip to sea-world! Shamu was my favourite when I was younger! I love your denim shirt, It's so perfect!

  2. Ah~ Your baby nephew... I love him ♥ I haven't seen him in forever :'(
    I have so many projects this month as well! Swamped with them, really... One more month 'till Summer break! We can do this~

  3. I love your hair and your outfit!!

    I have a romper in the floral pattern of your shoes, kekeke.

  4. waw the sea world was just waw and im jelous 4 ur denim jacket

  5. I love the way you shot the seventh photo! It looks like the colourful bubble things are following the diver :)

    I loved Sea World when I was a kid too! I'm thinking of revisiting later this year when I go to QLD for a holiday.


  6. I love Sea World!!! I want to go again but live on the other side of the world!! Cute shoes!!!

    Check out my blog!

  7. oo i love sea world! going back to america in a few weeks :D your outfit is gorgeous! xx

  8. your suggestions are great, bold and versatile.

  9. Amazing pictures! Looks like you had a great time, and I love your outfit! X

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  10. Aw I love Sea World! Haven't been there since I was little, miss it!!

  11. aaaaaa i love the photosssssss xp
    so nice so lovely you surely had so much fun xp

  12. wow i haven't been to sea world since i was...really little! it looks so fun!

  13. ahhh i also want to go to Sea World! awesome photos btw :)

    I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, hope you can join! xx Miss Beatrix (

  14. i saw a define show once and I have to say they are the most cutest thing I've ever seen ^^

  15. Sea World looked like so much fun!! :) I love your hat by the way :D I want to visit my nearby aquarium but I have also developed this fear of all the tanks just randomly breaking and then all the giant sea animals running loose


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